The perfect all-natural way to boost your metabolism, improve your mood, increase your energy and reduce fatigue

Just some of the ways a boost of VitaminB12 could help you:
Healthier Skin, Hair + Nails
Help With Depression
Improve Brain + Heart Health
Improve Sleep Quality
Reduce Alcohol Cravings
Boost Energy Levels
Improve Mental Clarity
Speed Up Metabolism
Relieve Insect Bites
Prevent Anaemia
Improve Your Mood
Improve Cognitive Focus
Help With Jet Lag
Reduce Anxiety
Reduce Tiredness + Fatigue
Cancer Protection
Lowers Risk Of Alzheimers + Parkinsons
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Why shots?

Fast Administration

VitB12 is an IM (intra-muscular) boost administered into the muscle of the upper arm. This ensure quicker absorption straight into the tissue cells

Appointments last 10-15 mins, meaning you can pop into our clinic for your boost and go about your day

It's Prescription Only

After receiving a thorough health check from us, your details are sent to our in-house doctor and a prescription is processed for you. This is included in the cost of your boost.

Your health and wellbeing are our priority and we ensure we follow all health and safety protocols at our clinic