Alison, Coaching Client

Lianne has been coaching me for the last 5 months now and I am so impressed with the sessions!

I originally started my journey with her as I wanted some help in how to grow & develop my own business. She always made me feel relaxed & comfortable in a safe environment whilst also challenging & questioning me to explore all avenues of how I could improve on the different areas of my business.

Since coming to Lianne I’ve become considerably more productive & motivated & have been able to break down my to do list into much more manageable sections. It’s been great to have a focus on what I specifically want to achieve.


Sophie, Coaching Client

A positive experience which motivated me and encouraged me to work towards my objectives and goals. It also gave me the confidence to explore new opportunities

I felt comfortable talking with Lianne who was able to help me discover all the avenues that were open to me and motivate me to progress in my personal life and career


Charlotte, Coaching Client

I came to Lianne at a time where I needed emotional and professional focus and development. Her sessions helped me work though a number of challenges, whilst she definitely had an input, I felt that I was able to realise and straighten out my thoughts through my own realisation.


I did not feel Influenced to listen to her views on the topics, rather, she encouraged me to explore my own thoughts and feelings towards whatever I was working through and more often than not I was able to figure it out independently. 


Lianne made me feel comfortable when talking about things that where hard for me to open up about and with the support of her engaging, supportive and personable approach I was able to tackle challenges that I would have found hard to do without these sessions.

Having now had coaching, I see the value in everyone having it, regardless of if you do or don’t have any immediate challenges - it gives you the chance to voice your thoughts and find clarity. 

I have no doubt that Lianne will continue to aid people’s development as she has mine